AV-Service is an event and media service provider.

We have been working for many large and small companies since 1993.
We were able to gain our experience at countless events in Europe, South America and Asia.
We worked for these clients.

What you can expect from us ..

Professional advice on the design of your event.
Help with the production of your media.
Support during your event.
Modern and reliable technology.
Dedicated, knowledgeable staff.

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Audio technology ..

We can offer you sound systems in all performance classes, always striving to keep your costs down.
Optimal performance is guaranteed.
The good sound is still made by the man at the mixer.

Simultaneous translation ..

We have extensive interpreting technology. 
Audipack cabins, Beyer Dynamic radio systems and guidance systems.

Audio post-production ..

We can create and edit audio files for you on our audio editing systems.
High quality audio editing is also possible on-site.

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Data technology ..

We visualize your content with the finest video technology.
From simple single projection to softedge.
Our powerful mobile workstations are always up to date.
The maintenance of the software is also a matter of course for us. 

Good bye Laserpointer ...

with our futuristic, interactive Touch-Lectern.
It is operated like your smartphone - with your finger.

Video technology

We record your event with HD camera trains.
The transmission of the speaker video on the big screen
brings your message to the back rows of seats.

Aerial video ..

If you are planing a corporate video production, we are also able to offer aerial video.
You can find more information here ..

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How to contact us ..

AV-Service Willy Hellmann
Ahornstr. 17
D-85774 Unterföhring
Email: info@av-service.de
Web: https://av-service.de

Fon: 0049 89 95 0016 14
Mobil: +49 173 350 70 43

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Email: info@av-service.de
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